Thursday, October 18, 2012

Where does the money go? Expenses...

Continuing our October Stewardship journey, we have looked at some of the theological reasons why we give to support the Church, as well as where the various sources of income originate.  As mentioned last week, the parking lot accounts for about 27.5% of our income, rental of the building, as well as special gifts and fundraising, account for 9% of our income, and about 10% of the income is from the endowment.  It is hoped that in the coming year we will not take any money from the endowment in order to allow it to replenish.  This mirrors the Biblical principle of allowing a field to sit fallow (unplowed, unplanted) in order to rejuvenate.  This needs to be done with our endowment.

In 2008, with the downturn in the economy, the Vestry cut many of the expenses of the parish, and have worked to keep them low.  What are the expenses at St. John's?

The largest single portion of the budget is for the staff; the Rector, two part-time office staff, and the resident sexton.  Including required benefits (health, pension, etc.) this accounts for 36.7% of our budgeted expenses.

Music Ministry (choirmaster, singers, guest musicians, instrument maintenance and supplies) accounts for about 23%.  The Edwards Organ Scholar is paid from a separate endowment, given for the use of music, and is not a part of the operating budget of the parish.

The building (maintenance, utilities, insurance) accounts for 22% fo the budget, outreach and diocesan apportionment accounts for 11%, office supplies and licenses/permits 5.2%, and adminstrative expenses/support services 2%.

The Vestry continues to look at ways to trim expenses, without damaging the "product" of who St. John's is as she seeks to minister.  And we believe St. John's is worthy of your support.